Anas Javed@ 18:50 18-12-2009, IP:
good afternoon, does anyone know if for third year we have to wright the assignment on just meningitis or is it for all topics in clinical microbiology?
majida rs@ 10:28 14-12-2009, IP:
Gud afternoon sir, its majida rasool from DMD 2nd yr
haneen sabah@ 00:09 22-11-2009, IP:
hi sir mmmm i would like to write in english in your websit can i thank you 4 your great work with us ( DMD)
haneen sabah NOT honeen
Raha@ 22:45 17-11-2009, IP:
I love you sir'
Raha@ 22:44 17-11-2009, IP:
I love you sir'
Raha@ 16:20 15-11-2009, IP:
Hello Sir,
Thank you for all your great job.
I am looking for some mcqs for mycology, yet i cant find them!!!
I need them for the coming up exam please.
thank you so much
lalita parmar@ 00:11 06-11-2009, IP:
hello sir.... thank u soooooo much for making this site.... this is very helpful 4 us....sir the games r really very good....i enjoyed it very much... thank u
Moaddab ,Reza@ 18:07 01-11-2009, IP:
i am writig from IRAN.
Thanks for your websit.
i would like found Animations about Microbiology in your web in the futuer.
thaanks for useful information .
Dr. Reza Moaddab
-Tabriz , Iran
Salma@ 08:19 01-11-2009, IP:
helloooo sir !
i hope the paper is easyy n we all get gud markzzzzzzz
plzz pray 4r us sir
thnxzz sir
Mariam (006)@ 01:47 01-11-2009, IP:
helo sir...
1)how r u?
2)i gt 85% in diz quiz ......hope so il gt more than 85 kal k xam mein.
3) i won 3 setz here ... opposit u! (t.t)
4) plz pray 4 us sir :l
5) thank u 4 the strep ppt.
6) shud i take part in wollon sportz festiv?? t.t mein?? :s i dont have a partner!?!?
swara palekar@ 17:53 31-10-2009, IP:
hello Sir,
nice to meet you after long time.
Manal jabir@ 15:11 30-10-2009, IP:
hey sir ...

sir there are a few lectures mising on the website in Dental Microbiology ... i can't find streptococci ppt nywhere ... snce i dnt tke it from the mainserver ... cn u plzz put it here on the site ... plzzzzzzz sir ... no1 has it from our class ... i've askd evry1 ... nd it is also included for the exam!

kindly ... do it till saturday ... or elz my papr is gona b a disaster on sundy ... lol!

thnxxx a millllliooon sir!
tc ... n rock hard!
Ayesha kajoor@ 21:25 28-10-2009, IP:
hello Dr. Sudheer
thaanks for useful information that we can get from this site
i came today at 3:40 pm to play tennis but you were palying with the boys
inshallah we will play a match SOOn
huda Alajmani@ 13:07 28-10-2009, IP:
thank you kindly...and sorry for the delay
mouza@ 13:05 28-10-2009, IP:
thank you kindly..

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