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santosh nagare@ 06:01 23-07-2010, IP:
Good morning..... i will try to chat u online so many times bt fail... i think some flash player is required.. for that.
Dr.Rajdeep Das@ 21:20 23-05-2010, IP:
With due respect I would like to inform you that I am a post-graduate student of Clinical Pathology in Gulf Medical University. I came to know about you website which is very informative and useful.
I pay my respect for this amazing work.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Dr. Rajdeep Das
Krishna Pratap Singh@ 14:21 21-04-2010, IP:
Dear Sir,
I am amazed by the web site.
From Dept. of microbiology GMU, Ajman
Dr. Singh
LinkDesk@ 13:05 11-04-2010, IP:
thank you for the bacterial video song uploaded by you... Please do visit my site ....
kiran umatia@ 12:53 11-04-2010, IP:
thank you
Mohammed@ 22:47 10-03-2010, IP:
Never met a soul like Dr. Sudher Kher. So happy with himself, so confident abt his objectives and so passionate abr every thing teaching, TT, gardening, ghazals and excels at every thing he cares to deal with.

Sir, please, please come back to GMU. We need u to motivate us, guide us and take us on path of happiness!!
Santosh Hosmani@ 12:11 07-03-2010, IP:
Dear Sir,

I never expected that Somebody can be so dedicated to Microbiology, You site is very informative and also interactive .Kindly inspire your colleagues to make use of technology along with Microbiology
Khaled Aljashamy@ 18:30 27-02-2010, IP:
Hello, How are u sur ... ?? Am Khaled from 3rd year MBBS .... It's professionalz tym and we're all busy preparing and giving it the last hard push as it is our final exam micro II ... sur I jusr wanted to thank u ur site has been nuthin but helpful in my preperation for the exam and inshallah getting grades tht will make u proud ... thank u sur for all the tym and effort tht u hve spent preparing this site and tellin us to use it .... Thank u ...
2nd MBBS Ahmednagar@ 21:15 25-02-2010, IP:
frankly speaking sir,for the first tym since last 6 months,I m getting some Interest in Microbiology,n thats all because of u and ur pragmatic methods of teaching microbiology+medmicrobes ofcourse.The site is fantabulous, marvelously designed.Really Thank You sir from the core of the heart.
II/II A'Nagar@ 09:46 18-02-2010, IP:
You have come as a breath of fresh air. It's wonderful to see ur creativity...hope we will get opportunity of learning not only microbiology but many other interesting things!!
Medmicrobes is too good to be true!! I will b visiting often. Likes Steve Jobs video...truely motivating. Only hope u will stay with us forever!!
Shrikant Madrewar@ 03:36 12-02-2010, IP:
hello, sir
its ur student from vikhe medical college nagar
its ur kindness for developing this site.......
thank you
santosh nagare@ 17:42 09-02-2010, IP:
hello sir i m from PDVVPFs Medical college A.Nagar.such me pahale subject boring lagata tha but when i saw this site n got to many interesting things regarding fu in microbiology. really thankful to u sir
Saad Pervaiz@ 01:01 28-01-2010, IP:
Hellow Buddy How are you Sir? I wanted to please ask u what topics did u bring up for the Exam in tomorow morning. I am trying to study but dont no what should I read. Please reply me in my emaile address it is=
Esha Khurshid@ 21:28 02-01-2010, IP:
Sir jus wanted u to know.......
u truly inspire me with ur patience and dedication to the subject and ur students
i cant believe ur leaving us !!!
i have yet so much to learn from u !!
love u
(2nd yr dmd)
lalita parmar@ 14:14 29-12-2009, IP:
hello sir... how r u.... we will miss u a lot....

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