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John@ 21:51 19-05-2009
What a wonderful website you have created for ALL the medical students! From knowledge to philosophy, fun to games, u have everything on ur website. Your students are indeed lucky!! Me and my friends in US use ur website. Thanks for this wonderful creativity. One day, I would like to learn Microbiology from you! Can you tell us ur location? I guess it's in middleeast going by the hits! Gid bless Dr. Sudeer Kher & Dr. Ekta.
neelam@ 10:50 15-05-2009
Sir!!! I miss microbiology and you and dr. ekta too!!!
How's everything sir? i hope your enjoyed with our batch!!!
I'll come to the department soon....
take care sir!
have fun
zainab@ 15:34 08-05-2009
thanks for the great animations on parasitology!
its much easier to remember the lifecycles this way
maryam ibrahim garba@ 21:02 02-05-2009
wow! this site is great and really helpful too.....studying is now fun!
fatima bala shehu@ 13:27 26-04-2009
thanks a mega deal for this interesting and terrific invention of yours, it's really helpful
Amira Al-Murri@ 13:17 26-04-2009
Thank you so much sir

it's very useful website

Really appreciate your time and effort!
Aneesah@ 19:23 25-04-2009
Hello Sir,
Thank you for this amazing website, it's a very nice blend of education and recreation
looking forward to adopting a pet
natasha@ 19:09 25-04-2009
heyyy doc.
this website rocks .... its awesome cuz i get to learn n hv fun at the same time ... i <3 the pet section sooo cute
thnxxx alot
Faisal Farooq@ 12:40 23-04-2009
Tried signing the guestbook earlier, but didnt work for some reason, so trying it again.

Abeer@ 00:09 20-04-2009
Thank you so much sir for devoting so much of your precious time and effort for us!
abdul qadir@ 01:49 19-04-2009
hi this is a great site
Hunza@ 01:32 16-04-2009
All the effort that you've put in this website cannot be appreciated in words. Getting so much feedback from your side as well as all the resources available a click away also motivates us to work harder. I personally feel this module has so far been very well organised and planned compared to all the modules we've done previously.
The website is very catchy and set out in such a way that it catches our attention. Every word on this website is very meaningful and informative. Thank you so so much for your hard work and efforts.
The lectures are very well prepared too every morning I just dont like the names they gave to these microrganisms .. and i Love the surprise pictures at the end of every lecture

Thank you so much once again
I'll go play some games now
hafc SZDaura@ 17:16 15-04-2009
hey I think this site is awesome!
Anas Javed@ 22:02 14-04-2009
I have a question on bacteriology. What are the structures of the following bacteria:
the real Anas Javed@ 21:58 14-04-2009
I was surprised to see the previous message posted by 'me'. Although I agree that the apology was needed I am certain that I never took over the job of class rep from Sherzaad.

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