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D. Raghunath@ 11:01 16-09-2009, IP:
Glad to learn about your progress. Congratulations, keep it up
Shoaib@ 10:17 31-07-2009, IP:
Thank you Sir for your great efforts in trying to make microbiology easier and more interesting everyday.
Great website!
dr.vrs.ndmvp. nashik@ 12:59 20-07-2009, IP:
hello sir,
great microbes.they cause the same nuisances whereever they felt nice to go through ur work.good wishes to u & maam.
dr.varsha sope.
Raha@ 18:07 05-07-2009, IP:
Hello Dr.Kher,
i am so much trying to send you an e.mail, yet its not working well and i am not too sure why. would you please check that.

thank you for all the great work you do always Sir.
Khalid Al-Ajmi@ 17:38 05-07-2009, IP:
Hi Dr ... how r u ... i came today for some motivation to keep me happy during d study but u were busy with the meeting ..

c u soon
DR.JITENDRA KATRE@ 14:47 27-06-2009, IP:
a great effort.
smruti nikumbh@ 20:25 18-06-2009, IP:
nice effort.
Sarrosh@ 08:57 15-06-2009, IP:
Hey Sir!
Great website.
Thank you for putting in so much effort.
Nastaran@ 00:00 15-06-2009, IP:
The video lectures are realy amazing.......
Away from that ,the animations ....... They reallyyyy help to remember those complicated life cycles.
Thanks alot Dr .
arsham@ 11:09 13-06-2009, IP:
Azbin@ 01:22 10-06-2009, IP:
Sir....i have read all the posts by the present batch and i feel so happy for them and they are also lucky to get u ....Sir we all miss u a lot!!!
Sorry for not visiting you though we want to!!Insha Allah Il come and see u soon !!!
Jon Ausman@ 15:54 07-06-2009, IP:
Does this mean you're calling off our engagement Nabeel?
nabeel ali@ 20:19 06-06-2009, IP:
i want to marry a metazoa, preferably a Trematode ..really enjoying micro now..
Tamara@ 12:45 05-06-2009, IP:
Hi Sir!!!
Thank you so much for the site! Its been an amazing help!
Anne@ 23:12 03-06-2009, IP:
Thank you so much sir for this wonderful effort..Very informative and convenient for us students.... Great job!!

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