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syed mohsinali@ 15:42 04-06-2014, IP:
very nice way to learn microbiology
Aishwarya Phatak@ 15:39 04-06-2014, IP:
Games and quizes on this website make microbiology very interesting...! A fun learning way for students!
nazia shaikh@ 15:36 04-06-2014, IP:
It is the most innovative way of learning microbiology!!
aditi@ 15:29 04-06-2014, IP:
a wonderful systematic site with fun learning microbiology games and it gets us students to have a different outlook of microbiology
DR B APPALARAJU@ 21:36 24-04-2014, IP:
very good microbiology site.doing wonderful service to the cause of microbiology
RC@ 09:39 22-04-2014, IP:
The most organized Dept in PDVVPF's Medical College! Most professionally managed by Dr. Sudhir Kher. Thanks.
Dr Nandan T M@ 00:14 06-03-2014, IP:
Great work of an Indian! I appreciate your generosity for expanding and sustaining the knowledge of Microbiology at large. Wish you all the best.
vijay@ 00:44 23-02-2014, IP:
very good
reza moadddab@ 14:47 15-02-2014, IP:
hello from Iran
with best regards
Rounak Purohit @ 14:57 06-01-2014, IP:
Sir is it possible for department to conduct revision practical 10-12days before our university practical. If yea please sir do consider my request. From 5th semister.
sucheta@ 21:34 19-12-2013, IP:
sucheta@ 19:59 19-12-2013, IP:
sucheta@ 19:27 19-12-2013, IP:
sucheta@ 19:12 19-12-2013, IP:
dr.sucheta Lakhani@ 18:43 18-12-2013, IP:
very nice

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