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Suzan Matar @ 09:44 15-08-2013, IP:
Many thanks for the educational resources ...
Many links are broken though
Revanoor Dhruva Kuma@ 19:06 18-07-2013, IP:
Excellent work Dr Sudhir, Dr Rao & Dr Ekta.

Dr Dhruva Kumar
Dr.Gaurishanker@ 15:33 13-07-2013, IP:
Respected Sir,
This is Excellent collection...Thanks
dr beula@ 05:16 17-06-2013, IP:
this is very useful for ug and pgs ,great work
Dr. Vijay Singh@ 22:17 05-06-2013, IP:
excellent website
Vaishnavi C. @ 21:49 03-06-2013, IP:
Hello sir,
This website is just Awesome..!! Great work Sir..!! Studying Microbiology has become so easy for me..!! Just loved it. The S.A.Q's & the F.A.Q's are excellent...!! Thankyou so much for creating this website.. This is very much helpful..!! I sincerely appreciate your hard work...!!
Vaishnavi Chinchankar
(IInd year B.P.Th Student)
dr.sucheta lakhani@ 20:56 07-04-2013, IP:
excellent collection
Dr. Aparna Takpere@ 16:09 07-02-2013, IP:
Respected sir,
This is really a Knowledgable website. Thank you very much.
Dr Deepti Tirodkar@ 21:53 06-11-2012, IP:
Sir, This is one of the most informative and concise websites we have come across, I will recommend it to our colleagues and friends.
Thana Ansari@ 17:23 23-05-2012, IP:
Hello doctor,
Just wanted to say we had a case of madura foot in ER today. I immediately recognized and diagnosed it, and when asked by the consultant gave the species, treatment and complications quite easily. I've never studied the topic apart from your microbiology presentation three years ago. So, here's a huge thank you.
Dr Sateesh K Malkapp@ 21:29 30-04-2012, IP:
I have never seen a web site covering so thoroughly all the courses. I sincerely appreciate your work and hp[e you will enrich our knowledge in future also
Dr Ankit Gupta@ 21:16 22-04-2012, IP:
awesome site sir!!!!
hayelom@ 17:17 12-02-2012, IP:
thanks for helping & building my confidence on microbilogy. i'll always be around your WISH I HAD BEEN UR STUDENT!!
sneha chordiya@ 09:34 04-10-2011, IP:
Thank u sir for helping and making look microbiology so easy even for bpth students
sudha@ 19:20 13-08-2011, IP:
hello kher sir..just recently came across your site...i was your student in ndmvps med coll. 2003 batch .have recently joined md microbiology...need your blessings sir...regards

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