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shreya nair@ 16:24 05-06-2014, IP:
It is a welcome change Makes microbiology a lot more interesting! thank you was really fun
dnyanesh lahane@ 16:22 05-06-2014, IP:
that was awsome ...!!!!! practicalzz via playing games .super idea sir...!!!
Pallavi Dalvi@ 15:49 05-06-2014, IP:
most memorable practical...thank u sir...
faizan and pranav@ 15:48 05-06-2014, IP:
thisis the best way to study n encourage d students to study hard...n thnxx sir for dis
Chawla Harsha@ 15:47 05-06-2014, IP:
it was fun learning 4m cartoons...loved it...
Aditya Bahekar@ 15:46 05-06-2014, IP:
I have started coming to the library because of these microbiology games .
Thank you sir
Shreya Gupta@ 15:43 05-06-2014, IP:
It is really amazing to study like this.. Educative and funny at the same time. Really enjoyed sir..Thanks for this..You really put a lot of efforts for us
Nidhi Kandi@ 15:42 05-06-2014, IP:
Games are an innovative way to study micro!...THANK YOU sir for making this practical so interesting...
Parag Devkar@ 15:42 05-06-2014, IP:
Quite a fun playing this game........
This really makes microbiology interesting.........
nitish avdhoot@ 15:42 05-06-2014, IP:
innvative,hoping for more games like this one
kalpesh jingar@ 15:42 05-06-2014, IP:
"really classic game
janhavi arekar@ 15:41 05-06-2014, IP:
its fun to go nthrough all the games...its a two in one communication skill between students and the teachers....had a great experience...It even makes things easy to recollect nd remember...THANK YOU SIR
Pankaj Arangale@ 15:41 05-06-2014, IP:
Good to see a teacher taking such efforts .......for lazy student like me
Thank You Sir
Akshay Jain@ 15:39 05-06-2014, IP:
A unique at its best!
Kambalath Lakshmi@ 15:39 05-06-2014, IP:
The game is sharp, innovative and has a very good plot. It keeps you interested till the very end. The future in learning is here.

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