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vishal lodha@ 16:40 05-06-2014
It is a very innovative for microbiology study
it is funny too
i m enjoying alot with game and study
thank u sir..!!!!!!!
Subodh Mahale@ 16:37 05-06-2014
awsome and funny way to learn
heena memon@ 16:36 05-06-2014
sir nice way to study and learn more in fun way.....
Deepali & Neesu @ 16:35 05-06-2014
something diiferent and something apart from the classical way, looks as if things are changing
Sagar Kharat@ 16:33 05-06-2014
best way of stdying. enjoyd this pract. very much.
thank you sir!!!
krishna kirkire@ 16:32 05-06-2014
it is an innovative idea to help us to study and at the same time have fun!!!!!!
Madhav saxena@ 16:31 05-06-2014
awesome si it was great... it is the most innovative and modern way to learn micro.... Thank you sir..
Kishor Mantri@ 16:31 05-06-2014
Sir.. its really a very cool game nd ofcourse the coolest way to study!! Enjoyed a lot..!!! Thnk yu sir!!!!
shayan khan @ 16:27 05-06-2014
it was fun ,experienced sumthin as this for the first time recalled my childhood days while learning,,,, nice effort
Monika Pareek@ 16:26 05-06-2014
this is the most innovative way of learning micro..n its fun to attend practicals...thank you SIR.....
Kaustubh and Anish@ 16:25 05-06-2014
we learnt about cholera without opening the book.....
and great animation too !!
thank u sir.
Hussain and Luqman@ 16:24 05-06-2014
We think this is a very modern and new process of learning which we welcome wholeheartedly
shreya nair@ 16:24 05-06-2014
It is a welcome change Makes microbiology a lot more interesting! thank you was really fun
dnyanesh lahane@ 16:22 05-06-2014
that was awsome ...!!!!! practicalzz via playing games .super idea sir...!!!
Pallavi Dalvi@ 15:49 05-06-2014
most memorable practical...thank u sir...

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