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SHAZIA@ 16:23 11-04-2009, IP:
HI DR .....The website is great!!! Thank you for being so kind and makes such a huge difference
mohammed@ 15:35 11-04-2009, IP:
Thank you for the website sir,it is really good and helpful
Gowri@ 13:15 11-04-2009, IP:
Thank you for the website sir, it's really very helpful.
Mishail@ 12:57 11-04-2009, IP:
The MCQs on the website are really good and helpful. Its good that after the quiz we get to see our mistakes and the correct answers... Thanks alot Professor
aisha garo@ 04:03 11-04-2009, IP:
tanxz sir 4 dedicating your tym 4 us studentz................tanxz once again
Ahmed@ 23:16 10-04-2009, IP:
Hi Professor,

Thank you so much for creating this website, it's as fun as it is educational!
Thank you!
hessa@ 18:55 10-04-2009, IP:
ff]ms]hi docotor
i just want to say thank you very much for the web site ,, it really usefull and it make the microbiology so funny

thank you
Umar Farouq Usman@ 01:03 06-04-2009, IP:
Dear Prof., I will like to know what age u joined the army in india and what was your highest rank before leaving. I love the army because they are disciplined.

Thank you!
Anas Javed@ 22:17 01-04-2009, IP:
Sir I apologise on behalf of our class for the bad behaviour in recent weeks of some people who believe it is their duty to provide 'entertainment.' Also, I wanted to let you to know that I am currently taking over student representative responsibilities from Sherzaad because I believe he needs my help. So please let me know if you ever need my help or simply want me to convey messages to the boys. Thank you.
Raha@ 22:49 16-03-2009, IP:
Dear Dr.Kher,
Thank you so much for your e.mail ....I LOVED the pets and I wish there was a puppy too....smiles....The essay questions are great really....And the website is such a fun that makes you just be there on it weather to study or play games, or now the TV, MUSICS ....EVERYTHING IS THERE. I believe it is needed to also thank Dr.Ekta for being such a carying teacher for us and always supporting us...We are really lucky to be guided through, by such Doctors which aside the Microbiology, also teach us how to be a better person...We really appreciate all you have done for us. Thank You so much again.
RAMANATH.K@ 13:15 01-03-2009, IP:
Thank you for creating such a wonderful website.We can access lot of datas concerned with Medical Microbiology.
Rakan A.Razzak@ 11:27 01-03-2009, IP:
Hi Doc !!
We really appreciate the effort you put in to keep this website helpful and simple for us to understand microbiology Thanks!
Azbin@ 03:49 01-03-2009, IP:

Hi Sir,
Thanks a lot and lot and lot..............limtless thanks on behalf of our whole batch..You have made us smile after the part-I proffessional exam..We are very very lucky to have such a SWEET teacher.................
Thanks a lot Sir
Khalid Al-Ajmi@ 04:07 21-02-2009, IP:
just wanna say one thing " Thanx a million "
Fathima Moosa@ 12:52 11-02-2009, IP:
thank you so much 4 this wonderful website!It makes micro easier to study and understand! thanks again

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