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Umar Farouq Usman@ 01:03 06-04-2009
Dear Prof., I will like to know what age u joined the army in india and what was your highest rank before leaving. I love the army because they are disciplined.

Thank you!
Anas Javed@ 22:17 01-04-2009
Sir I apologise on behalf of our class for the bad behaviour in recent weeks of some people who believe it is their duty to provide 'entertainment.' Also, I wanted to let you to know that I am currently taking over student representative responsibilities from Sherzaad because I believe he needs my help. So please let me know if you ever need my help or simply want me to convey messages to the boys. Thank you.
Raha@ 22:49 16-03-2009
Dear Dr.Kher,
Thank you so much for your e.mail ....I LOVED the pets and I wish there was a puppy too....smiles....The essay questions are great really....And the website is such a fun that makes you just be there on it weather to study or play games, or now the TV, MUSICS ....EVERYTHING IS THERE. I believe it is needed to also thank Dr.Ekta for being such a carying teacher for us and always supporting us...We are really lucky to be guided through, by such Doctors which aside the Microbiology, also teach us how to be a better person...We really appreciate all you have done for us. Thank You so much again.
RAMANATH.K@ 13:15 01-03-2009
Thank you for creating such a wonderful website.We can access lot of datas concerned with Medical Microbiology.
Rakan A.Razzak@ 11:27 01-03-2009
Hi Doc !!
We really appreciate the effort you put in to keep this website helpful and simple for us to understand microbiology Thanks!
Azbin@ 03:49 01-03-2009

Hi Sir,
Thanks a lot and lot and lot..............limtless thanks on behalf of our whole batch..You have made us smile after the part-I proffessional exam..We are very very lucky to have such a SWEET teacher.................
Thanks a lot Sir
Khalid Al-Ajmi@ 04:07 21-02-2009
just wanna say one thing " Thanx a million "
Fathima Moosa@ 12:52 11-02-2009
thank you so much 4 this wonderful website!It makes micro easier to study and understand! thanks again
Tabarak@ 02:08 10-02-2009
hey doctor,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for your website, it really makes it easier to study microbiology.....also thank you for your helpfull emails, we really do appreciate the extra time you put in and its nice to know we have your help and support should we need it :-)
saad pervaiz@ 16:24 06-02-2009
hello Good morning Sir. i only want to say you thank u for this. youre website is too good. my exam was went well and i replied you all the saq's. someone asked dr ekta and he did not no when the results will be given. choud you let me no when will i find out my marks please? i want to pass inshallah
Shamsiya@ 22:11 03-02-2009
It is time that students put aside bundles of books each with thousands of pages. Bcoz its "Sir Kher's" Era. Your website is one right destination for any student seeking proper micro studies. Your site is one of the rarest of collection of sought after study material.Keep up your great job,sir.
Reem@ 18:40 31-01-2009
Hi Sir,
I just wanted to say thank You for the sessional exam today.It was soooo good.Inshallah I passed the questions were so good.Am glad I solved all the quizes on Your website yesterday.
Thank You Sir.You made my day
neelam@ 16:12 24-01-2009
sir thank you for such a great website!
wish me luck sir i need it and yes sir regarding my recard book i tried my very best to locate it i'm unable to find it... please help me with a solution for it please sir!!!!

Thank you sooooooo much sir!! we all love you
Fatima@ 01:09 15-01-2009
Hi Sir, I've been trying to open the MCQ questions for immunity and bacteriology but its not working. I remember checking 2 days ago and it was working fine...I was hoping to go through the MCQs for revision...oh doesnt matter, I'll go through the SAQs instead. Thanks again for the great website.
Irfan@ 23:28 14-01-2009
Sir this website is sick! (my way of saying good!) I'm studying for micro right now. Its my favorite subject this year and you are the best teacher By the way my attendance is hella low. Can I nominate sum 1 to take my attendance when I'm not here? Just kiddin.... Keep up the good work

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