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BP Muni@ 20:11 30-03-2018
Really impressed with your counselling service to the needy. Doctors are too busy to spend time with patients.

Contents in your site are a boon for medical students.

BP Muni, Ph. D(Electrical Engineering)
Esther Salvi@ 10:57 29-11-2017
Thanks sir for the website which is very helpful to technicians!
Ayesha Siddiqui@ 00:39 21-05-2017
Thank you so much, Dr. Sudheer and Dr. Ekta. I am forever indebted to you. Thanks to your presentations I understand parasitology perfectly.
sucheta@ 16:00 04-01-2017
sucheta@ 15:59 04-01-2017
P.Girija Ratna Kumar@ 14:46 09-11-2016
Thank you sir for the creation of this Great website
RISHA B@ 13:50 09-10-2016
I am a microbiology student. How do I access the presentations?
dr.sucheta@ 13:42 21-09-2016
Chaitanya@ 18:24 29-08-2016
Thank you sir,I am an anaesthesia junior resident.your section on guidelines for clinical staff is excellent...
Dr. Sudheer Kher@ 10:53 22-06-2016
sabitanayak@ 21:28 01-05-2016
I am a postgraduate student in microbiology.How i will access the PG notes.
vaiju@ 14:56 09-02-2016
hello sir
Raju patil@ 09:28 09-02-2016
Very helpful for students
Prof. Sreenivasulu@ 19:15 11-01-2016
Topics are so good and Not able to access the information. Pl help
dr sumitha@ 19:41 06-01-2016
sir,I am a postgraduate student. i am not able to access any of your notes in medmicrobes. what should i do to get access

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